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We Stand with Ukraine

March 7, 2022|

We Stand with Ukraine For the past 6 days I’ve been thinking about a possible topic for my next blog entry.  I realized [...]

The World in Which we live

February 28, 2022|

The World in Which we live Remember the time when we were preparing our kids for March break? Packing our bags for vacations [...]

Be Like Toe

February 7, 2022|

Be Like Toe I have been around sports my entire life. I have played basketball at a high level, coached various teams and [...]

Life IS Good

January 31, 2022|

Life IS Good Happy week of another freezing winter month!  In this week’s blog, I want to do 2 things. I want to [...]

Nostalgia for Travel

January 24, 2022|

Nostalgia for Travel It’s been 2 years since travel has become increasingly difficult. We need to take Covid tests before and after our [...]

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