What is Corporate Investigation

A Corporate investigation is a search to uncover any potential shortfalls or wrongdoings by your staff, executives or third parties (such as vendors or shareholders).

Why Is This Important

You’ve built your business to be a proud representation of your foundation and beliefs. Those that you employ, those that support you, and those that work with you should be prime examples of everything you believe in and stand for.
Anything less can be a stain on your name.


We screen your executives so you don’t have too. We will start your background screening from the moment a resume comes across your desk. We will go through social media accounts, background checks and perform lifestyle surveillance if necessary to ensure you are making the best and most informed decisions when it comes to hiring a new member of your team.

Further to this, we will perform the same details on existing staff to ensure the high standards that your company thrives on, are consistently met or exceeded by all members of your team.

A team is only as strong as the weakest link and ensuring that all links are well maintained and diligent is integral to your company’s success.


We have a team that will routinely comb through your employee’s social media accounts. Your employees are the face of your business and their actions can be representative of your beliefs and standards.To ensure your staff are being the best representation of themselves and your business, allow us to help monitor their social interactions to ensure the team is always flowing in a positive way. We will also use social media to track a spouse or partner to provide vital evidence to either support or disqualify potential alibi’s. Information that will prove useful to you in fraud, criminal, or divorce cases.A team is only as strong as the weakest link and ensuring that all links are well maintained and diligent is integral to your company’s success.


We are experts in security. With a vast portfolio including events, venues, VIP’s, residential and business, we have truly run the gauntlet when it comes to providing security services.

Our team of experts would be happy to sit down and discuss your needs, concerns, and make sure all issues are addressed. We will make recommendations and are happy to have our own team implement all of your security needs for you.


You built your company and your brand and are proud of your accomplishments. Don’t let someone else step in and steal your hard work. We will track the key parts of your brand to ensure that your identity is kept safe and your brand is represented by only yourself.


High-Risk Terminations are never easy on anyone involved. We will provide security and peace of mind to ensure that your team and the individual are kept safe throughout the entire process.