Have you ever heard of the coined phrase “You get what you pay for”?

I’m sure every one at some point in their lives have have made a purchase, or experienced “lack-luster” service leaving you with an empty feeling of un-fulfillment.  You may have acquired a “lemon” when it was time to purchase a used vehicle, or maybe you chose a vacation destination based on price as the main factor leaving you with bad memories.

In the security industry, “Getting what you pay for” is a major issue.

Unfortunately, there is a serious lack of professionalism in all facets of the security industry. From a management/ownership perspective.  The thinking is generally for the security company to acquire as much business as they can and staff as many unqualified people as possible to maximize profits. This practice breeds a culture that pays little to no attention to detail and as a result, companies are not getting the level of service that they deserve.

From the client perspective, the main driving factor in choosing a security company is not about what their experience or skill level is, but how low the rate is when acquiring their services.

I cannot count how many times our security company has been called either during an event, or after an event to come an clean up a mess that the other company has created.  Problems range anywhere from completely un-qualified, un-professional, or non present security personnel.

So why is does this practice of Russian Roulette continue?  It only takes one small incident for a problem to get completely out of hand.  Just because more times often then not, there is no problem, we tend to  shift our way of thinking. We begin to settle…….but at what cost?

Many security companies claim to specialize in all areas of the industry from industrial, commercial, residential, corporate, close protection, events night-life, etc.  When hiring a security company specifically for an event or a close protection detail, there is no apple to apple comparison when choosing a company.   You can’t expect a family doctor to provide dental work for your aching tooth.  You cant expect a car mechanic to be your legal representation in court.  In the same note, you cannot expect to hire a security company that does not specifically specialize in events, or close protection details.

As a company focusing on Close Protection and Corporate Event security we have made some major strides carving out a niche market and being recognized as a major player in our industry.

We are the leaders in the Corporate Industry. Our work is recognized by major corporate businesses throughout Toronto and our personnel are recognized as the best the industry has to offer. We take our role in the industry very seriously.

The next time you’re in need of security for your event, or require a qualified close protection personnel to protect you, make sure to do it right the first time.