Trained By Retired RCMP, Our elite Close Protection Teams Provide Security Services For All Types Of VIP’s.

VIP/Executive Protection

Sentinel Security’s Close and Executive protection specialists are prepared to safely escort a client both in Canada and around the world. Our management team can quickly accommodate our client’s international protection needs.

We have both male and female Close Protection operatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Members of this protection team are highly trained individuals who qualify for these assignments and can be dressed in either uniform or plain clothes.


From 501 BCE the Greeks would elect ten elite individuals to conquer (lead) in war. This elite army of ten was led by “Strategos”, which literally means strategist or leader. The team of ten put together would be known as the “Dekas” which translates to the number 10 in Greek.

The DEKAS Unit is an elite team formed to carry out higher level, higher risk assignments; and protection operations which require the best trained, most experienced, and elite specialized security personnel.

Our DEKAS Unit have been hand selected as top tier agents in our City and come equipped with extensive training and varied skill sets.

Our DEKAS Unit have provided personal protection to international dignitaries, politicians, celebrities, athletes, musicians, etc.

Head Office

Satellite Office – By Appointment Only


To book personnel security in Toronto for your event or any Close Protection, please fill in the contact form and someone will get in contact with you within 24 hours.