Our Services

First class leaders in the security industry, we have been credited with single handedly disrupting the status-quo, by simply doing everything – in excellence.


Sentinel Security’s Close and Executive protection specialists are prepared to safely escort and transport a client both in Canada and around the world. Our management team can quickly accommodate our client’s international travel needs.


Sentinel, the Canadian leader in Close Protection standards and reputation, has partnered exclusively with NovaJet Aviation Group – Canada’s leading provider of aircraft charter, management and acquisition services.


Sentinel Security offers protection agents who provide the highest standards of luxury and protection while you travel on ground.


Corporate events are often high-profile affairs, and Sentinel Security Plus can be relied on to ensure patrons who attend these unique events feel safe and secure. Whether it is an annual shareholder’s meeting, product launch, or a corporate event. Sentinel Security Plus will deliver a premium level of service every time.


The pandemic in 2020 changed many things for many people. Within this ‘new normal’, Sentinel strategically pivoted into Healthcare, bringing our industry known standards to the table. To prepare for this transition, Sentinel curated a never before training curriculum that totaled just over 500 hours. Yes! 500 hours.


Sentinel Security offers an extensive range of specialized services for Hotels and Residences. Our experience providing hotel security for some of our country’s leading brands has given us insight into the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Our personnel receive specialized training to keep your guests, employees and property safe.


Since our inception, Sentinel Security Plus has been focused on strategically building a quality security agency. Our company is recognized as a leader in the corporate event and close protection industry in Canada and continues to develop tremendous rapport by creating lasting relations with new and existing clients.


A common request from our clients local and abroad is if our close protection personnel are armed. This request specifically pertains to Level 3 and 4 personnel (High profile politicians, world recognized VIPs, Head Of State, etc.)