What is Surveillance

Surveillance is the close observation of a suspected fraudulent act or individual.
It monitors people, places, or objects for the purpose of uncovering information that may not be readily available or easily handed over.

Why is this Important: If you require any sort of background check or fact-finding mission, our team is able to gather the intelligence by the means necessary to obtain it. From stakeouts to property searches and document investigation. Our team can do it all.


Do you have a contract with a vendor that you suspect is being breached? Allow our team of investigators to dig deeper into the matter and ensure the contract you signed is being met by both parties.

If you are involved in a merger or acquisition – allow our team to investigate and examine the crucial details that make such a transaction successful. By utilizing investigative services, you can rest assured that all details are uncovered prior to that final handshake.


Do you have an employee that is on leave? We will provide surveillance and detailed reports to ensure that the truth is always upheld. If a worker is off due to an event that happened while on the job, however you suspect that things may not be as they are, we will do all the leg work to put your mind at ease.

There is nothing worse than someone manipulating the system for their own gain while dragging your company through the mud in the process.