Department of Close Protection

Hours of Operation

Monday – Sunday 24/7
After hours support 11:00pm – 7:00am

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Contact Information

2450 Victoria Park Avenue Suite 300
Toronto ON M2J 4A2

Requesting a Close Protection Agent

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions section, or contact the Department of Close Protection office for assistance.


Please complete a Client Information Form (CPA).
This form will be emailed to our central office and Department of Close Protection


Once form has been received central office will send over rate card and Terms of Agreement and transfer file to CP Department head


CP Department head will contact client to review CPA form and build security assessment.


You will receive an email from Central office, which will include: an estimate of the cost associated with your CP Agent request.


Once payment has been processed (Credit Card Payment Authorization Form), you will get an email advising you your request has been “Posted” for agents to apply for.


Once a CP agent has been awarded your detail, you will get an email advising you that your request has been “Awarded”.


If you require changes to your paid CP Request, please email:

Should you encounter any questions during this process please refer to our
Frequently Asked Questions, or contact the Central Office for assistance at

Frequently Asked Questions