Recognized as one of the industry’s top security companies, last year Sentinel’s Elite division known as the “DEKAS” were hired to provide security and close protection for the inaugural event of the Audi Speakers Forum at the Four Seasons Hotel with guest speaker Steve Wozniak.

The DEKAS Unit is an elite team formed to carry out higher level, higher risk assignments and protection operations, that requires the best trained, most experienced and elite specialized security personnel.

The Audi Speakers Forum is a speaker series set to feature “thought leaders” in the fields of art, fashion, design and literature.

A few hours before this prestigious event would take place, key event planners and organizers observed members from our DEKAS team searching the venue. This seemed to baffle them specifically when they observed chairs being turned over. One of the organizers approached our team and politely asked why they were looking under the chairs…”We’re conducting a bomb “sweep”. The response not only surprised them, but also made them appreciate just how far we were willing to go to ensure a safe event.

Bombing and the threat of being bombed are harsh realities in todays’ world. The public is becoming more aware of this like last years incident involving a suicide bombing which was carried out at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, following a concert by American singer Ariana Grande.

Security should be a main focus to planning an event.  Especially nowadays, when observing the intensity level of violence, damage, theft and unexpected occurrence. The presence of security personnel is paramount to the success of a well-planned event regardless of the function; more so having the right security personnel is crucial.

A few months ago, we published a blog entitled “EVENT PLANNING SECRETS REVEALED: 5 Tips in Hiring the Right Security Company. As much as this blog spoke to key elements in finding the right security companies, most times, event securitysecurity is never the main focus when planning an event. In fact, the odds of something going terribly wrong are extremely low, and slowly we begin to shift our thinking, we begin to settle…but at what cost? It only takes one small-unexpected incident to take place that could dramatically create life-changing effects forever.

So why does this practice of Russian Roulette continue? With marketing agencies, event planners, etc. organizing events on a regular basis, it is absolutely crucial to hire qualified security companies to combat these types of global threats.

Many security companies specialize in all areas of the security industry from industrial, commercial, residential, corporate, close protection, events nightlife, etc.  When hiring a security company specifically for an event or a close protection detail, there is no apple-to-apple comparison when choosing a company.   You can’t expect a family doctor to provide dental work for your aching tooth.  You can’t expect a car mechanic to be your legal representation in court.  In the same note, you cannot expect to hire a security company that does not specifically specialize in events, or close protection details.

Toronto security services

As a company focusing on Close Protection and Corporate Event security we have made some major strides carving out a niche market and being recognized as a major player in our industry.

We are the leaders in the Corporate Industry. Our work is recognized by major corporate businesses throughout Toronto and our personnel are recognized as the best the industry has to offer. We take our role in the industry very seriously.

The next time you’re in need of security for your event, or require a qualified close protection personnel to protect you, make sure to do it right the first time.