CTV revealed it’s fall line up on Wednesday June 7, 2017 at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts where a Sentinel Team of 40 were deployed to assist with VIP’s and talent for the CTV Upfronts.

Sentinel has been providing premium close protection services to this event for a few years now, but something very unique happened at this particular upfront.

Throughout the event, a BELL CTV employee was observed to be looking for someone at the event.  In fact at one point of the night, she approached certain members of our security team identified by their gleaming red ties showing them a picture on her smart phone.  It was very important to this employee for our security team to help identify the two people in the picture as she wanted a chance to meet with them again.  Fortunately for our security team, this was a very easy case to solve as the individuals she was trying to identify were actually Sentinel Security Personnel.

A few years earlier at the very same venue hosting the very same event, a BELL CTV employee had an interaction with our security close protection team at the Upfronts.  She was so overwhelmingly satisfied with the service she received for her VIP’s and talent, that she wanted to capture the experience via picture.

Fast forward to this past week and she was able to reunite with the same members from our team and wanted to personally thank them again for their service.

Sentinel Security has built a strong reputation for excellence and our clients are continuously grateful for the level of service they receive. As a result of this, we have successfully been awarded long-term partnerships with international recognized corporate brands. With years of experience in the Close Protection and Corporate Event industry, we are proud to say that we have been acknowledged as a leader in this market.

Sentinel is very proud of the men and women that continue to not only provide the highest calibre level of security and close protection in our great city, but do so creating safe, long lasting memorable experiences.