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Communication – Putting it all on the Line


Its been discussed how important this is when it comes to working in almost any industry – especially security.

Communicating essential information that relates to the security detail or job at hand can be essential in a successful job.

Even minor details can mean a lot.

This same theory applies to the every day.

A lot of us as human’s tend to hold back our feelings, keep everything bottled up as long as possible. With the issues that a lot of people face in society now a days, throwing one more coal on the fire can sometimes feel like you’ll be the one to push the boundaries too far and cause everything to come crashing down.

So we withhold information, we pretend everything is ok day in and day out and we keep everything tucked inside in the inner pockets of our beings. Never wanting to be another burden on society, or labeled as another one succumbing to the seemingly never ending list of those battling mental health issues.

To a degree, we can all be suffering mentally at some point. Maybe not always, maybe we just have our days. Either way – its ok.

The stresses we can often face daily is enough to cause the strongest people to break down with crippling anxiety or depression.

These are things not to be taken lightly.

Those working the front lines obviously have a tendency to see things, experience things, and feel things differently then others.

They are exposed. Body, Mind and Soul to things that the average person may not necessarily experience.

And yet they come home at the end of their day to their families and friends and continue to move on like any other day.

They’re asked how their days are and may bury the truth, not wanting to share the pain or sadness of what they may have experienced. Not wanting their family to be affected by bad news.

The bare minimum may come out but often the full story is tucked away. Left to sit in the back of their minds, stuffing a mental filing cabinet until its too late and it overflows.

At the point of overflowing, its hard to hide the truth anymore. If feelings don’t come out in words or emotions, snippets may start to appear in actions and reactions. Calm patient people who ‘are full’ – who have had enough and just don’t have the space to handle any more, may be running on a shorter fuse. They may be a little less understanding because they feel they themselves are misunderstood.

By being open and expressing our feelings we may not always be wiping the slate clean every night but we’re putting our thoughts and feelings out into the world so that we’re not carrying the full extent of the burden ourselves.

We’re not sharing the pain with others so that they too experience what we feel, but so that they have a small glimpse into what we are going through and can hopefully understand and help us to positively move forward.

Not to necessarily forget, but to transition thoughts and feelings into memories that can hopefully be moved on from.

By communicating and keeping our minds and thoughts and feelings open, while being on the front lines, this will keep us as our best selves.

So that we are the best we can be for ourselves and for others.




Guest Blogger Rayna Davies

Rayna Davies is a graduate and practitioner of Business Management.  She has developed an expertise in blogging, covering subjects like travel, world events and security.  Having grown up with a father who has developed an expertise in Physical Security and Executive Protection in the RCMP and two major corporations, she has personally observed and experienced many security details.  These experiences have included personally meeting HM Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and many celebrities.  She presently assists Sentinel Security in Executive Protection workshops and guest blogging and also assists Gloprosec Preventative Services in Intelligence gathering and Business Administration.  Her passions include World travel, having visited every continent.