Why do we need it?

To feel protected. To feel safe. For peace of mind. To protect valuables – loved ones – property – possessions.

What is it?

A form of insurance. A blanket. Armor. Protective coating. A weapon. A wall. A fence. A gate. A person.

In today’s modern society, there are many reasons why one would seek protection. Sometimes the world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket and the best way to be protected is to be prepared for what events or situations can be thrown your way.

A night out can turn deadly, a fire can change direction, the earth may quite literally shake. Being prepared is the least we can do. To what extent – that depends on the value.

Analyze. Prepare. Adapt. Change.

Always take a look at the big picture. Figure out any what if’s and be ready.  Be ready when the earth shakes – literally or figuratively and change to overcome any obstacles.

If the gauntlet seems too much – Sentinel is there. Sentinel is fully trained to see the whole picture, and see how it can change.

They’ve been there. And they’re going there. Security is what they are.