We set goals.

We set intentions.

A lot of us end up putting them on the back burner as life ebbs sometimes in all the directions except where we intend.

Not necessarily for bad reasons – or good.

But thats life.

Constantly ebbing and flowing, changing and evolving.

And yet, despite it all, the vast majority set goals.

Whether our goals are to be ‘enough’, or whether they are so that we can be ‘more than enough’.

The end result is relative.

The purpose of setting a goal is to push ourselves to that next step.

Or perhaps even higher.

We want to do better, be better, live better.

We want to be enough.

Some of us want to be more than enough.

Some of us maybe even want to be the best.

All of these things are a matter of perspective and really our goals should be based on ourselves.

Our own individual lives, the purpose we set out to fulfil, and the results we strive for.

Its just as important to be enough, and to feel like we are enough as it is to still want for that little bit more.

The lives we live and the things we have can always be enough.

We don’t need more of the physical things that society tend to push on us.

We don’t need to all have powerful jobs, big houses or fancy cars.

We don’t need to be trophy athletes or celebrities.

But we do need to be ourselves.

We need to go to bed at night feeling good about what we have, who we are, what we’ve accomplished and what our plans are.

Maybe the plan is to have no plan – but that can be a goal.

The goal can always be to make it through the day.

To make it through a day with no less, or no more, than the day before.

Now on the other hand, maybe the goal is to do just a little bit better than the day before.

Be a little stronger, a little faster.

A little better prepared, better rested.

More focused and positive.

To have intentions and follow through.

Whatever the goal is – its meant to be reached.

And pushing yourself to reach that goal and beyond that, set the next goal.

While we can always settle for ‘enough’, enough should be the baseline.

Enough can be the stepping stone to more.

While we all don’t need more, more can always be attainable if we continue push ourselves.

Life continues to move forward, and so do we.

There is no reason that we shouldn’t try to be the best version of ourselves as we can.

We can learn a lot about ourselves and the life we want to live by pushing ourselves to the limit and even beyond.

When you surround yourselves with like minded individuals – goal setters and goal getters – this helps you achieve your own goals.

Through friendly competition as well as positive reinforcement, you’ll find that by aligning yourself in a group the strives on moving forward – you yourself will propel yourself at the same time.

Being part of the Sentinel family is like surrounding yourself with goal setters and goal getters.

Beyond this, you’ll find that by being part of this team, the like minded individuals will help you not only set goals, but reach them.

We are constantly motivating those around us to be the best versions of themselves possible.

By setting goals and reaching them.

Our wide network of friends, coworkers, clients, and companies – help ensure that most goals are not just encouraged – but met.

We have a large number of individuals with us with the ultimate job of working for someone else – specifically policing.

We help to foster growth so that these long term career goals are met.

Your exit strategy could be what gets you in the door in some places.

And while we understand that we are investing in people who may not have a long term future with us, we also value partnership with other agencies, specifically in a first responder field.

We value growth – integrity – motivation.

We strive on the mindset that we can all be the best versions of ourselves.

We want to foster the growth that not just you want to see in yourself – but others do too.

We want to ensure you go beyond the limit to be the ultimate you.






Guest Blogger Rayna Davies

Rayna is the Office Manager at Sentinel Security, as well as the main blog contributor.

With foundations firmly routed in Business administration, Customer Service, and Management, she brings years of experience to her roles both within the Sentinel office, and the blog.

Having grown up with a father who has developed an expertise in Physical Security and Executive Protection in the RCMP and two major corporations, she has personally observed and experienced many security details.  These experiences have included personally meeting HM Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and many celebrities.

Her passions include spending time with her husband and two young children, world travel, reading, writing, and pushing herself to always look for the silver lining.