Event security is something that needs to be constantly evolving, adapted, and maintained.

Terrorists, lone wolves, gangs and what have you will go to the extreme, often not worried about the outcome of their life.   With this ever changing threat, security measures need to be made to ensure that event attendees feel safe and are safe.

With situations like the shooting in Vegas, questions arose about the lack of direction and lack of emergency exits.
There are a multitude of situations that may not have been prevented, but certainly aided by the addition of emergency exits. Fences are great for keeping the unwanted and the unticketed out, but they’re also great at keeping people trapped in. Multiple exits with knowledgeable staff nearby to oversee and direct in case of an emergency is one way of aiding in safety.

Another mention has been sniper towers to help maintain an upper hand when a shooter is posed from above. While this may not always be feasible, it is a way to detour higher altitude advantages. However this probably is not the most economic solution to a more unlikely scenario.

That however brings into question things such as security in hotels. The security for your event may seem totally in control however can also greatly rely on the security of your surroundings. Take for example the tragedy in Vegas. This lone gunman checked into a hotel and brought with him a plethora of guns. Would more thorough hotel security have prevented this? Most likely.

Whether or not hotels – or the people staying in them – want to actually be subjected to airport style security screening is another story. There are a great number of individuals who want to be able to check in/check out and be on their way as quickly as possible and often with as little human interaction as possible. Having to be screened through metal detectors and possible bag searches is something that will encroach on their time and of course their freedom. You’re never going to make both sides happy, and finding a common ground for the majority of people is typically not an easy task.

This could be an expensive and lengthy discussion and most likely ends with everyone being barcoded and living in a bubble. However it does give some thought to how far security should go in today’s modern society.

Guest Blogger Rayna Davies