In a world where cell phones and laptops have replaced human interaction, one trendy coffee shop is going against the grain as being the most “connected” coffee shop in the City of Toronto and they are doing this without any wifi.

Hot Black Coffee located on Queen Street West has been making news headlines around the world being mentioned in the New York Times, Globe and Mail, and even on the Jimmy Fallon Show for simply not making WIFI available to their customers.


Jimson Bienenstock, the president of HotBlack, said the shop opened last year without Wi-Fi with the express intent of getting customers to talk to one another instead of burying their faces in laptops.

Hearing this, literally, is a breath of fresh air. Knowing Jimson for several years one can attest to just how friendly and hospitable he is, and that is just a reflection of the culture in his coffee shop.

The euro-centric café with a relaxing backyard patio has seating for 58 and not only serves quality tasting coffee and treats, but can also be utilized for small events. With Sentinel Security working with many event spaces and brands, Hot Black Coffee is definitely a place worth checking out.