event securityThroughout the hands of time, creating the perfect event has eluded several event planners. The logistics of creating the perfect atmosphere while providing the experience of a lifetime has been a daunting task

So what is the root cause behind this predicament you ask? When speaking to planners, you will hear three main issues; location, money and staffing.  However, on the “To Do List” as a priority; you won’t see all three topping the list.  Instead, you will see location followed by money and somewhere down the line staffing.  For example, you would find staff such as; kitchen & dining, games & activities, dj & technicians and the list goes on and on.  Apart from the above mentioned staff that are important, there is also the security personnel that keep the event safe and problem free.   

Toronto International Film Festival securitySecurity should be a main focus to planning your event.  Especially nowadays, when observing the intensity level of violence, damage, theft and unexpected occurrence. The presence of security personnel is paramount to the success of a well planned event regardless of the function (personal or commercial).

Now with that being said, how does one sort through the bundle of companies that are out there? How do you decipher which ones are good from bad. How do you make a logical hypothesis instead of closing your eyes and picking blindly?

Hiring the right security company for your event can be challenging.  For that reason, we have created a guide to help make the process easier:

# 1 Reputation

Have you ever heard the saying “Old is gold”. Unfortunately, years of experience aren’t as significant in this industry when choosing the right company. Paying keen attention to the company’s reviews on their customer services, past performance and professionalism is a great starting point.  In addition gathering testimonies, referrals as well as tapping into other sources.

# 2 Understanding your budget

Cost is very important when it comes down to your budget, however it shouldn’t be the focal point of your decision when it comes down to staffing.  Have you ever heard the saying “You get what you pay for”?  You don’t want to be hosting a prestigious event but using second rate staff.  Having great front line staff improve the clients experience; resulting, in recurring business.

A recent report by Econsultancy suggest “ 60% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience and happy customers are more likely to remain loyal.”  Therefore, partnering with a better-quality security company which you may have to pay a little more for will help in the long haul. In spite of that, look for the best alternative that satisfies your budget as well.

# 3 Quality vs Quantity

Go for the security company that focuses their service on quality and professionalism. Hiring good security personnel is a skill and should not be taken lightly.

One sign of a professional security provider is ensuring that all of their guards are licensed and receive constant training to keep them a-wind of the new rules, regulations and procedures. So if you see these things happening, you can rest assured that you are at the right place.

# 4 Reliability

Criminals are well aware of the protection hired by event planners and venue owners. They are well aware of the capability and limitations of the company. Hence the importance of hiring a company that is reliable.  Reliability is a company’s assurance to their guest that they are safe and being looked after.

Companies that are generally reliable, stay on top of their game. They are consistently finding ways having to improve their customers’ experience with trending technology and strategies.

# 5 Consistency

This is something observed in the majority of services – starting with the best, ending with the least. Consistency must be maintained throughout the duration of working with the client.  Unfortunately, this is never the case. Companies often start off on the right foot. However, as time goes on they begin to lose sight of customer service, professionalism and attention to detail.  This behaviour happens far too often in this industry.

We recommend you do your due diligence to ensure you gather as much information about the company before processing forward.

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For more information on hiring the right security company for your next event feel free to contact us.  We would be more than happy to help contribute to your perfect event.

Blog By Randy Blackwood.  Randy is a regular contributor for Sentinel and provides his services on a regular basis.