Failing To Win

Depending on your age bracket, there are some generations where you may have been brought up where failure was not an option.

Depending on where you were brought up in general, this may have even been a mindset that was drilled in so hard that the thought of losing any ground at all, meant failure.

But as we develop as humans, we’ve learned quite the opposite.

Failure does not always have to have such negative connotations.

Sometimes we need to lose to learn what we need to have to win.

In life, we often need multiple attempts in the learning process before we learn how to succeed at something.

We need to try multiple times, different angles, alternative approaches, and sometimes even different methods before we learn which way works best for us.

5 + 5 will always equal 10, but how we get to 10 not only depends on the nature of the question, but also on the person looking for the answer.

There are often multiple solutions and different methods to get us to our end result.

And if it applies to something so rudimentary simple and otherwise textbook – why can’t it apply to other things in life as well?

Since when was negative feedback just that – negative.

While there may be feedback that is given with a negative connotation, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a life lesson to be learned from it.

If we do something wrong and someone tells us, why can’t we use it as a learning opportunity to better our future selves?

Further to this, if we notice someone doing something out of line or less than satisfactory – or even down right ‘against the rules’, what better time than now to use it as a learning and coaching opportunity with the hopes that not only will they never do it again, but they’ll also have taken something that could have been otherwise a negative experience – and chalk it up to education.

In a society and during a time where we are so fiercely driven by all things negative, why not embrace as much positivity as we can?

Impart wisdom on others, allow anyone that is new to our circle the time to learn, adapt, and grow under our knowledge.

Let people know where they are failing but also highlight where they are succeeding?

Everyone has their place and we as a society should acknowledge this and ensure we are fostering better placements in our teams.

Where one person may fail at one thing, they may shine in another.

Why let a light fade into darkness when it could be placed in another area and shine brighter than ever?

In life, if nothing else, we typically have options.

Sometimes more options than we even know what to do with and can sometimes be overwhelmed.

The age old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed – try and try again.

And this couldn’t be more true.

Steve Jobs didn’t wake up one day and walk over to his Apple computer sitting on his desk – he worked at it.

Undoubtably there were failures before there was success.

Elon Musk had quite a few setbacks before becoming successful and becoming the CEO of multiple successful companies today.

Further to this, it took time, energy, patience – and most importantly – failure – before a light bulb even literally turned on for Thomas Edison.

Success isn’t something you wake up and walk into.

It is derived from hard work, patience, learning and failing at the things that came before until you learned what worked best and ultimately – what was most successful.

Life is built up of multiple failures along the way to success.

If we didn’t learn from our mistakes, how would we even learn what works best at all?

We need to continue to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off along the path of life, find where we shine brightest, and take everything we learn along the way to ensure our futures are more successful and brighter than ever.




Guest Blogger Rayna Davies

Rayna is the Office Manager at Sentinel Security, as well as the main blog contributor.

With foundations firmly routed in Business administration, Customer Service, and Management, she brings years of experience to her roles both within the Sentinel office, and the blog.

Having grown up with a father who has developed an expertise in Physical Security and Executive Protection in the RCMP and two major corporations, she has personally observed and experienced many security details.  These experiences have included personally meeting HM Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and many celebrities.

Her passions include spending time with her husband and two young children, world travel, reading, writing, and pushing herself to always look for the silver lining.