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When the Going Gets Tough – Keeping your Cool

Much of our days start out the same. We wake up, safe in our homes. We prepare ourselves for the day ahead. Shower, breakfast… everything is fairly routine and thought out to some extent. We know what steps come next and there is little chance for surprise.

Of course most of us experience the odd day where we forget to set our alarm and you end up running from the moment your eyes open.

These days you start out behind schedule and feel like you spend the entire day just trying to catch up. Trying to catch your breath and regain your footing.

Thankfully – hopefully – these days are few and far between.

For the normal days where you wake up as part of your divine master plan for the day, you can float through your day without having any awkward interruptions or breakdowns.

Everything goes as planned and you don’t have that nasty feeling that a surprise could be waiting around any corner.

These days your panic level is at an all time low. You don’t have anything to be concerned about and it shows.

Until – the unexpected hits. Out of the blue, just as everything is running perfectly on plan…. something happens.

Your panic level shoots through the roof. Its as if the day started with a missed alarm. You’re off and its a struggle.

When you start to struggle, normal tasks can be harder to handle.

Everything you do is like doing something with a huge weight on top of you.

Blinders are on and you start making decisions without thinking clearly.

Its panic.

It can lead to chaos.

When the unexpected arises, it can be difficult to take a step back and regroup.

Most humans are passionate, opinionated, and can be extremely quick to react without thinking of all of the possible reactions and consequences of their actions.

We see something, or something happens, and our instincts kick in and we react. Sometimes if we react too quickly, we can react in a way that may not be the best response.

In security, we try to plan for the unexpected and have our responses scripted a head of time.

This way, in the unlikely event of an emergency, rather than panic – we go straight into plan B.

There is no second thought or second guessing, there aren’t all of the what if’s – we immediately shift to the plan we had in place for this and act accordingly. Remaining on autopilot and never losing our cool.

In the event we don’t have a back up plan, this is when we go into code red. We can’t see the solution through the storm that has just arrived.

We lose our cool and increase our chances for making mistakes.

When things are already getting bad, they tend to just go from bad to worse.

Our judgement is impaired due to the overwhelming sense of panic. We want to end the situation as quickly as possible, and by whatever means possible, as long as it brings a swift response and an end to the chaos that has embraced us.

Taking a step back in any situation – good or bad, can be the key to a simple and tactful solution.

If you take a moment to reevaluate, the odds that you will come to a more rational decision will greatly increase.

The sooner you can end the  incident, the sooner you can get back to the feeling of normalcy.




Guest Blogger Rayna Davies

Rayna Davies is a graduate and practitioner of Business Management.  She has developed an expertise in blogging, covering subjects like travel, world events and security.  Having grown up with a father who has developed an expertise in Physical Security and Executive Protection in the RCMP and two major corporations, she has personally observed and experienced many security details.  These experiences have included personally meeting HM Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and many celebrities.  She presently assists Sentinel Security in Executive Protection workshops and guest blogging and also assists Gloprosec Preventative Services in Intelligence gathering and Business Administration.  Her passions include World travel, having visited every continent.