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In lieu of the World Health Organizations’ upgraded response to COVID-19 (The Coronavirus) moving it into a global pandemic, the world and its leaders are rapidly developing various responses and tactics to try and combat the spread of this virus.

While there have been countless moves to cancel large scale events and anything where crowds may gather, even events that do move forward are seeing the effect of a global scare.

People are opting to stay in rather than go out and some businesses are shuddering their doors in an effort to ride out the worst of the viral storm.

There are still those that live beyond the fear however and are trying to carry on a normal existence, even through trying times.

In this industry, we are trained to live through the fear and almost embrace it as part of a job. However, the invisible enemy is often difficult to battle but we do have a contingency plan in place to help others.

  • Asset Protection
    Establishments that do close may still want a watchful eye to protect assets and property, and provide a customer service aspect for those that come by with questions.

We can provide this.

  • Staffing Assistance
    Establishments that are experiencing a drop in their staffing levels for reasons of illness, or fear – our team are trained in a variety of security aspects.

We can help you.

  • Customer Service & Response
    Establishments that are operating as usual but would feel more comfortable having someone at the door to clear people as they arrive, providing hand sanitizer to help reduce the risk of germs spreading.

We can do this.

Security is trained to step in where others won’t.

We are the front lines and with this line of work, there are always risks.

With the news of the Coronavirus constantly evolving and spiralling, things are rapidly changing. Plans are being made, and cancelled, and remade.

We may not stop the virus, but allow us to help you through it.


Please contact our office with any additional questions or to utilize our services as we move forward united through these difficult days ahead

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Guest Blogger Rayna Davies

Rayna Davies is a graduate and practitioner of Business Management.  She has developed an expertise in blogging, covering subjects like travel, world events and security.  Having grown up with a father who has developed an expertise in Physical Security and Executive Protection in the RCMP and two major corporations, she has personally observed and experienced many security details.  These experiences have included personally meeting HM Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and many celebrities.  She presently assists Sentinel Security in Executive Protection workshops and guest blogging and also assists Gloprosec Preventative Services in Intelligence gathering and Business Administration.  Her passions include World travel, having visited every continent.