Rising to the Top – Check Out Our New Site!

Did you ever hit rock bottom during this pandemic? At Sentinel…we did.

When the lockdown first began, and a much feared virus swept away our sense of normalcy…did you think your business could survive?  Forget work. What about yourself?
Over 12 months ago, we remember that dreaded day. The day we lost 95% of our business.
Next we faced laying off the same percentage of wonderful staff. Since our product is our amazing people, with no work for them, we had no other choice. This was a very difficult time.  But…
We chose to press on.
We picked ourselves up.
We got back to work. Or at least did all we could to create it.
Through a whirlwind of emotion, challenges and unknowns, our company not only saved these jobs, but now is stronger than ever and poised for growth. We are incredibly grateful for this!
Yet even through a pandemic, through a major pivot into a new sector of our industry, through all the changes, interestedly enough, one thing that remained constant was – our website! 🙂
Well no longer…
We are excited to announce the launch of www.sentinelsecurityplus.com, full of up-to-date info, new premium services, and showcasing the many amazing people on our team because without them, we are nothing.
Please take a peak and see what we’re up to!