Security Services in Toronto

The Security Behind The Suit

Is it the suit that makes the person, or the person that makes the suit? Better yet, who is the Security behind the suit?

Take a good look at this picture below.  Can you identify the qualified individual?

Here you have two security personnel all dressed up to the nines.  Both look sharp, both well groomed.  One of these two men has a wealth of experience and training.  One of these two men is trained in verbal de-escalation and can defuse volatile situations through communication.  One of these two men conduct themselves in a host capacity, is warm, welcoming, creating safe environments.  One of these two men has leadership qualities and excellent reporting skills.  And as a last resort, one of these two men is trained in close-quarter combat, gun and knife disarms, and multiple-attacker scenarios.

If you guessed the person on the right, then you chose correctly.  But at the end of the day, how do you know what kind of security personnel you are getting?

Anyone can dress up nicely and look the part, but put that person in a complicated situation and suddenly weaknesses have been exposed.

One of my favourite childhood super hero’s was Spiderman.  One line that still sticks with me to this day is ‘With Great Power comes great responsibility”.  When you hire security personnel, you are hiring them to secure your establishment, to create a safe environment, to protect your brand.  They in essence are an extension of you and your establishment.  With all this responsibility, it is absolutely imperative that you have the right person in place.

Whether it is a company party, wedding, gala, benefit or some type of function that will have many guests, you want to make certain it runs smoothly without any outside interruptions or distractions, then Sentinel Security Plus is the right choice to ensure your peace of mind.  Our security have years of experience working such types of events.  Our professional security personnel have the ability to easily blend in and not draw attention to themselves or operate in a high profile capacity so that guests know immediately the event is being secured.

And they do all this while looking good in their suit.