This past week we received an un-expected email from one of our clients that we provide our security services for.

“I just wanted to send you a note on how amazing the security staff was last night. Jeremy and Kifle did an outstanding job and went above and beyond there duties last night and I can’t thank them enough. 

Jeremy has been an asset to The Bata Shoe Museum team over the past few years and always arrives early, dressed and ready to go. He is exceptional with the guests polite and helpful. He won’t even sit down when I tell him he can. Jeremy is great when dealing with difficult guests and ejecting them from the building when they get out of hand. Believe it we get are share of crazies even at The Bata Shoe Museum!!!! He also always makes sure that the building is secure and that I am safely in a cab or uber at the end of the night even when I tell him he can go. 

 There are over one hundred million dollars worth of priceless artifacts on site which your team has done an exceptional job of making sure that guests to not eat or drink in the galleries and that they respect the exhibits. As you are aware The Bata Shoe Museum is not a summertime venue and yesterday was the last event which I require security but come September we are back in business and I look forward to another year with with Sentinel Security and hopefully Jeremy will be available. Kifle is also welcome back. I can’t thank you, Miguel, Constantine and Dragon enough for always having my best interest in mind when it comes to Security.”

Warmest Regards

Victoria Pereira 

When you hire security personnel, you are hiring them to secure your establishment, to create a safe environment, to protect your brand or to protectclose protection officers your VIP.  They in essence are an extension of you and your brand .  With all this responsibility, it is absolutely imperative that you have the right person in place.

There is something powerful knowing that when you are hiring a security company that you are not only getting the security service you are paying for, but that you are left with a total peace of mind that everything is going to be ok.