When meeting new clients, one of the most popular questions asked is if our personnel our trained or receive training regularly.

Being involved in the security industry for quite a few years now, the word “Training” seems to be watered down quite a bit.  As a client being told that security personnel are trained or trained regularly does not really give you the assurance that you are getting a qualified professional.  In fact if the training received is not relevant to the work performed, then just how effective is the training?

With a high emphasis on training, Sentinel strives to ensure that the bar continues to be raised.

Yesterday, Sentinel personnel began a new physical intervention training 
series located at 99 Sudbury Fitness that will span over 6 months on a regular basis.  Our Physical Intervention training series falls under the art of Daito Ryu Aikibujutsu.

Daito Ryu is an ancient martial art dating back centuries ago with the
techniques being passed down from generation to generation; to prominent family members and Hatamoto (retainers/body guards) to the Tokogawa Shogunate. The practical portion of this course not only trains the body (in the use of techniques) but also trains the mind (strategies) and the spirit (keeping with the core values of Sentinel).

This specialized training is taught by instructor Catalino Arroyo
from the Fuji Yama Dojo .

This course is to familiarize the participants with using different techniques when dealing with an individual(s) and a guideline of what types of force is appropriate. The overall course is broken down into 2 segments:

  1. Physical De-Escalation Techniques (Theory)
  2. Strategic and Tactical Techniques (Practical)

Both must be taken in sequence to have an understanding on fundamentals that link the two. The Theory portion of the course is so that the participant will have an understanding of the National Use of Force Model and the theory in using various techniques within the Model in order to de-escalate any given situation.


The vision of Sentinel Security Plus is to set the bar for corporate event and
the close protection industry in Canada. This entails changing the mindset of how security is viewed by the public but first starts with changing the mindset of security professionals. Sentinel security is focused in creating an elite unit to carry out higher level, higher risk assignments and protection operations.