The A Team – Making Your Way to the Top

In society you typically have your groups of under achievers, complacents, and over achievers.

There are those that are happy with where they are and what they have, and don’t want the burden of responsibility or authority to add to their day.

They are content in their station of life and find abundance in what they have made of themselves, the life they have built, and the foundations they have laid for those that come up beneath them.

Then there are those that strive for the bare minimum. Maybe not entirely content as above – but they do just enough to scrap by and make it to the next week.

Either group may be by design, by nature, or even by nurture.

Neither are wrong. At the end of the day, you can be quite happy and find joy in either camp and quite frankly in this world – that is all that matters.

Then we have our group of over achievers if you will.

Again – by nature, nurture or design – this group strives for the top.

They may be hungry for work, hungry for power but either way, they are definitely hungry for more.

They won’t settle for bare minimum. They want the best for themselves, their families, and those around them.

They will typically push themselves higher, farther, faster, and stronger.

Sometimes this group may be called ‘workaholics’.

Or even maybe just go getters.

They know what they envisioned for their futures and will work as hard as they can to get there.

Or perhaps they want more from life than what they’ve sampled so far.

Either way – they’ve eyed the top and will work hard to get there.

Extra training, extra hours, extra work. Missed events, missed moments, missed time.

More opportunities, more growth, more rungs up the ladder.

At some point however, either by burn out or achievement, they typically get to where they want to be.

Perhaps they’ve worked their way up to a position that they are happy with and now enter the complacent camp.

Happy with what they have, happy with where they’ve gotten and happy in their personal and professional lives.

Or maybe they’ve all of a sudden reached the clouds but have trouble seeing past.

Burning out, or becoming disenchanted with the original end goal.

None of these things make them a bad person – and sometimes they need that extra motivational push to get their eyes just far enough out of the clouds that they can see clearer.

If they’ve reached the rung on the corporate ladder that they are most content with – this can be hard for the business themself. Seeing this strong go getter all of a sudden stop putting in the time and effort and just floating if they will.

Now this person that was once a main go too team member, becomes slightly less professionally important as they have become less reliable for picking up the slack of others or the rising demands of the business.

Again – not making them a bad person, but professionally one that has stalled and perhaps less worthy of investing in further.

Why put more time, money, and energy into someone that has reached the maximum output level?

It may feel like a curt and harsh way of removing any further rungs – but at the same time – if they’re happy and content you’re not entirely doing them a disservice.

And professionally, wise business moves are made by investing in people, places, and things that move you further.

For the team you have that strive for more – constantly saying yes and helping out.  Picking up the slack left behind by others or even just the burden of running a business in a crazy pandemic. These are the ones you go to first. The A team – reaching the top and yet still striving for more.

They can see the vision beyond the clouds and know that while their professional position may have stalled or plateaued – there is hope and motivation to move further and farther ahead.

These are the ones that find themselves constantly at the beck and call of the workplace yet feel valued and empowered when the same establishment recognizes their efforts and achievements and invests in them and their futures.

A company is made up of a team of individuals that truly vary across the board.

They all have their place and they all are worthy.

They all work together to ensure the business keeps moving forward.

They all need to be appreciated and felt valued.

Everyone does.

However when there is that extra to give – remember who put extra out.




Guest Blogger Rayna Davies

Rayna Davies is a graduate and practitioner of Business Management.  She has developed an expertise in blogging, covering subjects like travel, world events and security.  Having grown up with a father who has developed an expertise in Physical Security and Executive Prot

ection in the RCMP and two major corporations, she has personally observed and experienced many security details.  These experiences have included personally meeting HM Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and many celebrities.  She presently assists Sentinel Security in Executive Protection workshops and guest blogging and also assists Gloprosec Preventative Services in Intelligence gathering and Business Administration.

Her passions include World travel, having visited every continent.