The end of an Era – Long Live the King

As our Sentinel family embarks on the opening weekend of TIFF and all the glitz, glamour, and adrenaline it provides – it would be amiss if we didn’t address the topic of almost all conversation.

To begin, I’d like to start with how we came to be – what brought Sentinel into existence and led us to such things as lining red carpets and providing security and a sense of safety to celebrities and dignitaries in the first place.

Sentinel was born from watching other companies and knowing that there had to be a better way.

A different way.

Security is integral in so many aspects of life, but in most cases, its abrupt, lacking attention to detail, and in some ways militant.

It often lacked class, decorum, Customer Service and care.

From this, Sentinel was born.

With the goal of reshaping the industry, bringing a level of service that bordered on Security as well as care and class.

Our team is onboarded with training not only in security, but in dealing with people.

Afterall, security is customer service with safety in mind.

Knowing how to talk to people and treat people needs to be part of the package.

By acting with tact and care, we can often diffuse a situation before it gets out of hand.

At the same time, we’re letting those around us know that we genuinely care.

By embracing all of these aspects, we upped our game and settled into our lives of a boutique Security firm with our eyes set on our fair city’s pride and joy – The Toronto International Film Festival.

Since we tended to cater to more five star establishments and high scale venues, working the red carpets and providing personal protection to the stars was an obvious transition in our business plan.

And as TIFF only happens once a year, by bridging the gap between security and close protection so successfully for a major annual event, we were able to build partnerships that had us working like minded tasks all year long, becoming a go to firm for clients in the film industry that needed that extra peace of mind.

However as we are all aware, celebrities are not the only ones that need Personal protection.

Dignitaries, heads of state, even executives all need a certain level of care.

With this, our Close Protection division evolved. Bringing in a leader in the industry to work hand in hand with our teams and provide first hand insight on everything from looking after a musical celebrity, to a bank executive and yes – even the Queen herself.

As Her Majesty travels with her own team, it was never expected that we would have the pleasure of working on such a level, but being able to train with someone that has, provided invaluable insight and expertise that we may not have otherwise had the opportunity to get.

On September 8th, 2022 – an era has ended.

The longest reigning monarch in history – 70 years at the helm of Her Country and Her Commonwealth.

Say what you want and support either side – Her role is certainly one for the history books.

She led with decorum, class, grace and elegance.

She will be greatly missed and hugely mourned while at the same time we take comfort in knowing that she went peacefully and gracefully as she strived to live her life to the absolute fullest.

As King Charles III embarks on his new role as the King of England and the Commonwealth, we have been quickly reminded that the world in which we have known for 70 years – for better or worse – is forever changed.

For most of us, we have never known a life without Her.

It has always been God Save the Queen, Long Live the Queen, and all of our money, legislation, and documentation has been centred around Her for 70 years.

The thought of things little – and big – that will now be changing from Queen to King can be overwhelming for some.

While some may welcome a change, there are those of us that will be mourning the end of an era.

She was grandmother to a country and its citizens and to her family.

She has led us through the best of times, and the worst of times and has always provided calming words of wisdom and encouragement to get her people through the dark times.

The Queen’s speech at Christmas become part of tradition just as much as Santa and a Christmas Tree.

Her speeches have done everything from offering a calming space for children during World War II, to all walks of life more recently during a Global Pandemic.

She served her country to the best of her ability for 70 years.

While the Royal family has never been one to be without scandal (but then again, name one family that is perfect), let us not bring up any of the negative, but embrace everything she has done and laid the groundwork for.

May King Charles the III lead with the same level of duty and care that his Mother tried to instil in all of her family.

While he has opted to sometimes take a less traditional approach in life, I believe we can take comfort in knowing that he comes from a place where he was brought up to serve his people to the best of his ability.

As we all set forth into this next chapter in history – lets do so with grace, dignity and respect.

And as our team stands along the front lines of a festival that may be slightly overshadowed by the death of a monarch – we know we do so to the best of our ability.

We do so taking comfort in knowing that while we may not always be perfect – we are acting to the best of our ability with the skills, knowledge and background information that has been passed down to us from those who have led through some pretty significant and spectacular details.



Guest Blogger Rayna Davies

Rayna is the Office Manager at Sentinel Security, as well as the main blog contributor.

With foundations firmly routed in Business administration, Customer Service, and Management, she brings years of experience to her roles both within the Sentinel office, and the blog.

Having grown up with a father who has developed an expertise in Physical Security and Executive Protection in the RCMP and two major corporations, she has personally observed and experienced many security details.  These experiences have included personally meeting HM Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and many celebrities.

Her passions include spending time with her husband and two young children, world travel, reading, writing, and pushing herself to always look for the silver lining.