Couples often recognize the Honeymoon Phase as the most memorable exciting time frame in their relationship.  In fact, the honeymoon phase is a real phenomenon that’s so powerful, it can’t be replicated.

In relationship studies published throughout the years, researchers found that all the new elements a couple experiences, that make the honeymoon phase so glorious eventually fades over time.  Complacency kicks in.
Complacency is a major issue for organizations.  As a premium security service provider, this is always on our radar and we have recognized that there are no quick fixes; however, there are many tools that help us succeed with enhancing our company culture with an infusion of team building and personnel empowerment.

At Sentinel we use the Honeymoon Phase analogy with our clients and our personnel all the time.  When we first meet a new client in the boardroom and are trying to convince them of the quality of our services, it’s almost impossible to think that there is something like us that even exists in our industry to begin with, but once a client has wrapped around their mind that they are about to enter into a partnership with a new security service provider, they have just set themselves up for an incredible Honeymoon Phase.

Complacency almost always comes from a sense of success and lives long after the success that created it has disappeared.  By being aware of this, we put great focus on this area to ensure that the Honeymoon Phase with Sentinel never ends.