As a company focusing on Close Protection and Corporate Event security we have made some major strides carving out a niche market and being recognized as a major player in our industry.  While many of these internal and external factors pertain to security, they are transferable to any industry.
To be the most efficient in our field, we ensure all our personnel are continuously conducting internal and external self -checks to keeping the standard high.  Last week we focused on the Internal 4 P’s to be the most effective and efficient while on the job.

This week we will be focusing on the External 6 R’s.  The external factors of the work we do pertains to clients, the patrons and your co-workers. Once you have a completed an internal check and have the mastered the 4 P’s, we are more equipped to effectively communicate.

External – The 6 “R”s

1.  “R”elationship:

In our line of work having trust among the team you are working with is a key factor.  We have to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can formulate contingency plans and execute them. If we as a security team are internally aligned it will have a positive effect on the flow of the event and leaving less room for error.

It is also very important to identify who the key players are at the event we are servicing and formulate a relationship with them as well.  We want to instill a trust in our clients through relationship that would leave them feeling 100% confident in our abilities to run their event smoothly.  This must be done with caution as to not cross the line with our client and becoming too comfortable with them.  The relationship must be kept professional at all times always keeping in mind that they are our client paying for a professional service and not their friend.

2. “R”eassurance:

A lot of our clients see us almost like an insurance policy.  We are their peace of mind.  They have hired us to do a job, but beyond those regular duties that come expected within the job.  The after effect of continuously demonstrating the ability to provide your services in a above and beyond approach and  by showcasing  strong work ethic and exemplary performance will result in removing any doubts or fears they may have.

Essentially by just being present will ease any stress levels the client may have and leave them feeling a lot more comfortable than if you were not there to begin with.

3. “R”apport:

While this may be interpreted as being similar to relationship there is in fact a very big difference between the two.  The relationship component deals primarily with your team and the client whereas rapport deals with patrons and guests.  It is important to know the difference and make the separation.

Although we preach customer service and professionalism at all times you never want to enter in to deep relationship with a patron/guest of the event in which we are servicing.  This could lead to numerous negative outcomes from being a big distraction that can deter you from doing your job to creating a sense of entitlement for the patron and they now think that because they are “cool” with the personnel they can do as they please.

Establishing rapport with the guests is different, it can be as simple as a smile as they enter with a polite greeting.  Remember that in most cases you are the first point of contact and it is important to make a good first impression.  By establishing rapport can help you in a case where you have to de-escalate a situation.   Seeing a familiar face that you may have had a pleasant exchange with upon entry or even just in passing throughout the night makes it harder for the guest to be defiant.  Believe it or not these small gestures that may seem insignificant at the time can and do go a long way.

4.  “R”esponsibility:

“With great power comes great responsibility”  – Uncle Ben

Please remember this, it is our innate human nature to preserve one’s self no matter the cost.  How does this apply?  As much as we are the client’s insurance policy everybody has to answer to someone and no one wants to be the one who messed up.  In any negative situation, security is usually the first to get blamed when things go wrong which is why it is important to strive for perfection when on the job and provide no ammunition against your performance.

The majority of our clientele are high profile, corporate details including but not limited to: major brand launches, private celebrity events, close protection, weddings, hotels, chaperone services, film festivals, members only clubs and museums.  Whether we were hired to protect the privacy of certain individuals at a celebrity or to provide close protection for a CEO of a cutting edge controversial company there is a great deal of responsibility bestowed upon us.  Whatever industry you may be in, when you put on the uniform it is imperative that you understand the magnitude of the job you are hired to do and endeavor to perform accordingly.   Below are some pointers to help you with your performance:

  • Check your ego at the door
  • Humility
  • Remembering that you are working as a team to achieve one common goal
  • Every joint supplies

5. “R”eason(ing) & “R”espect:

There are always two sides to a story; there is always an action that causes a reaction, no one just decides that they are going to be belligerent just for the sake of doing so.  Whenever a situation presents itself, try your best to understand the person, put yourself in their shoes and always conduct yourself in a positive and professional manner with a customer service approach.

Sometimes the reason for indecent behavior is alcohol consumption and the individual(s) have lost all sense of logic and reasoning.  This can be a delicate situation especially if the person(s) is causing a scene.  Now everyone is watching (guests and client) to see how this will end.  Remember that the mob mentality respects no one and how you choose to handle the situation can either gain you a huge fan base praising you on how effectively you were able to de-escalate a volatile situation or a large group of heroes who know it all with their cell phones in hand filming your every move so that they can go home and upload it to world star.

At the end of the day people don’t like to feel disrespected which is totally acceptable and understandable. Always respect the individual(s)  personal space.  This is the area around us that we consider an extension of ourselves. How much space each of us requires to feel comfortable varies considerably. What is almost universally true, however, is that anxiety rises when personal space is invaded. This heightened anxiety makes it more likely a person will act out in a more serious way.

6. BONUS “R” “Razzle Dazzle”:

Definition: noisy, showy, and exciting activity and display designed to attract and impress.

Elaborate action or maneuvers designed to deceive an opponent, as in a sports contest.

Showiness, brilliance, or virtuosity in technique or effect, often without concomitant substance or worth; flashy.

This is your unique ability to use your personality or for lack of a better term “swag” to allow you connect to your team, client and guests.  It is your ability to think on your feet when a situation arises bringing little to no attention to what is actually going on.  It is your ability to read social cues, to respect boundaries.

So there you have it.  Now that you have the information you need to conduct an internal and external self -check, you are that much more ahead of the competition in providing a superior service.