Energy is a very real thing.  

It is not just a fable or a one-word maxim manufactured to induce a state of euphoria and motivation.  

It is a highly spiritual and atmospheric reality that pervades the very essence of our society.  

Even the most fatalistic, cynical and calculating stoic who rejects the notion of emotionalism, spirituality and inspiration as being an integral part of the human experience cannot deny this simple view: 

If you stay in a hospital waiting room long enough, you’ll discover that energy is not just a concept—but a fundamental truth. 

Now let’s put the focus on you. 

Your experience with the hospital is not just an unpleasant visit—but rather a tabernacle of consistent dwelling in which you make your living.  

More specifically, you are a security guard, stationed directly in this dreadful bastion of infirmity. 

Like a sponge, you subconsciously absorb the plethora of unending emotions that are so strongly released from those who come in and out, while still trying to keep control over your own. 

Your back starts to ache, your thoughts continually race and your mind begins to quake. The emotional cocktail stirring up in your heart is so intoxicatingly powerful and you haven’t even had time to process it yet, let alone find language for all that you are currently feeling. 

You have been brutalized by the cries of heartbroken families, traumatized from witnessing teenage fatalities, horrified by the merciless assault from the Cerberus known as adolescent insanity, and utterly dissatisfied with the vile displays of moral decadence and human depravity.   

But irrespective of the circumstance, you remain resolute. 

Because you are a Sentinel.

Instead of leaving the hospital drained, miserable and tired, you leave feeling charged up, boisterous and inspired. 

You have learned to posture and position yourself like a lightning rod; transforming the energy meant to destroy you into strength, and then utilizing that strength to empower and energize you.

What is your secret sauce? 


You have learned how to show up on time for your shift.  

Not just the scheduled shift, but more importantly—the mental shift. 

This shift is unquantifiable and paradigmatic in nature.  

This shift is as the fire that gold is subjected to in order to remove all of its impurities.

This shift is similar to the metamorphosis a caterpillar experiences before becoming a                                                           completely new creature.

This shift is similar to the subtle yet undeniable change in the climate as the seasons gradually transition from winter, spring and then summer.

You have come to discover that this shift change is the impetus for radical life change.  

12 hours is a long time; it’s a half day.

In some circumstances, a whole lifespan.

In that much time you have a CHOICE:

You have the power to decide what actions you are willing to take to mold your future.

In a day you can change a week,

In a week you can change a month, 

In a month you can change a year,

In a year you can change a decade. 

As a Sentinel and as the extraordinary human being you were created to be,

You need to remember a very important truth: CHANGE is now, so seize the moment. 

Strive for excellence, support your people, dominate in whatever it is you do. 

You bear on your shoulders the solemn duty of becoming the best version of yourself.

Not only for you, but for the ones you love.

Stay focused my friend and keep that flame alive, because the world is in need of more people like you. 




Guest Blogger Joshua Chukwuka Houeto


Joshua has been part of the Sentinel family for years. Working the gambit of VIP events, weddings, fine dining to health care and front line work – he has done it all.

Joshua is also a musician, motivator and musician.

A truly multi faceted individual who can and will find the light in the dark and do all that he can to lift up those around him.

In his many areas of work, those that are lucky enough to work alongside him have benefited from his knowledge and guidance that he happily imparts on those around him.

We are proud and honoured to call him a Sentinel.