We Stand with Ukraine

For the past 6 days I’ve been thinking about a possible topic for my next blog entry. 

I realized that I can’t write about anything but the war that is raging in Ukraine right now. Any other topic, especially one of entertainment, would be offensive now. 

My stance and the stance of the Russian majority is No War. 

Many of us thought that war wasn’t possible. Prior to the Russian invasion, I watched the Western media’s reports and I didn’t believe them. Many of us didn’t. 

We thought the Western Media was hungry for sensational news. 

It seemed unbelievable that Russia would invade our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. We couldn’t believe that our leaders would spill the blood, risk economic sanctions and cause immense suffering for millions and millions. 

And then it started. On February 24th, around 4am Kiyv time, Russia launched a massive attack on Ukraine. 

Our justification for the war is that Ukraine is being ruled by a Nazi who needs to be taken out. How laughable. The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, is half Jewish…

More than a 100 historians who specifically study Nazis, WWII and Holocaust came forward to condemn Russia for “abusing” the terms. 

I feel that every day is a blur since the war has started. It is difficult to function and to have hope. 

I watch and read the news. And all I see is the bombardment of civilians, casualties, suffering. 

Ukraine is being relentlessly bombed. 500,000 people have lost their homes and their country as they know it. They have become refugees.

In Ukraine, people are hiding inside subway stations and basements, trying to shield themselves from Russian bombs. 

I can’t help myself but cry because of the atrocities we are committing right now against the Ukrainians. 

I feel that the soldiers of WWII, who fought bravely for peace would be ashamed of us right now. 

When fighting the Nazis could they imagine that less than a 100 years later Russians will start killing Ukrainians? 

I was looking at the photographs of Ukraine right now. And I can’t believe what I am seeing. Destroyed hospitals, homes, schools. Burning cars. Bodies being pulled from buildings’ ruins. 

Is that what Russia wants? Is that who we are? 

No, we are not war criminals. Our leaders are but not Russian population. We are against the war. We say No War. 

Russian people are protesting on streets all across Russia despite the fact that they get detained. Despite the fact that Putin said that anyone who supports Ukraine will probably be viewed as an enemy of the State. 

We are in horror as we are watching what is happening to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. 

We feel shame for the decisions Putin and his supports are making. We are firmly against them. 

We are in horror as to what fate Putin has condemned us, Russians, to. The poverty, the isolation. The image of being the aggressors in the World’s eyes. 

We won’t forgive the war crimes, we won’t forget that amidst cries for the war to stop, the Russian army was ordered to press on. 

We stand with Ukraine. We stand with Ukrainian independence. We stand with Ukrainian people. 

We stand for peace and dialogue. We stand against the war. 

We believe that Ukraine will withstand, and justice will prevail. 

Glory to Ukraine and Ukrainian people. Russians stand with you. 




Guest Blogger : Karina Nechaeva

Karina has been with Sentinel since 2021 assisting with Dispatch and Office Administration duties. 

She is dedicated to supporting the team and insuring the smoothness of the operation. 

Karina Nechaeva holds a degree in Russian Literature and Philosophy. 

In her spear time, she enjoys reading and writing. Her other areas of interests are: mindfulness, travel and food.